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I want to tell you that I had a bright idea that I would seek help and learn how to live a better life, to become a mother to my children, and become a productive member of society but what happened to me is beyond what I could do for myself. Had I not separated myself from the drugs long enough to give God the opportunity to intervene in my life I don’t know where I would be today. When I went into Option’s for Recovery I had 3 children and I’ve had another child, one who has never had to see me use drugs. It took me over a year to get custody of my kids back. But I have a God who would not have it any other way. He has restored my family and mended family relationships. Sometimes you don’t know God is all you need until God is all you got. Today I have 8 years cleans and I couldn’t have done it without the solid foundation I received at Option’s. Thank you for the opportunity! Love you and everyone at Options.

My name is Yvette and I am an addict, I thought using was my Destiny, I was ok with the fact that I was going to die using meth, and then I found Options they Helped me Save my Own Life, they gave me the necessary tools to know how to deal with life and life’s terms. Today I have my 3 sons in my life, I have my own home, I’m currently in my Master’s of Social Work Program, I take care of my health, I am fully aware of my worth and definitely know the red flags. Today I enjoy and really Live this thing we call Life, but most importantly Today I know I dont have to use no matter what.

Options for Recovery helped me do something I never thought I could do, to actually WANT to get clean and sober. They showed me how strong I actually am. This program saved my life.

Options for recovery gave me my life back. I was going to be dead in the next few years with the life I was living and I can say today that I choose to live. I get to wake up everyday knowing that my son is safe and can look at me with pride. I will forever be grateful for Options for recovery.

Recovery for me had very little meaning to me until I attended Options for Recovery. It’s here that I learned the tools to live my best life spiritually, mentally, physically, & emotionally.
This treatment program gave me another chance at life & became a part of my family!


Options for Recovery changed my life and helped me become the person I am today by giving me the tools and strength to live every day with out using. i found myself again … figured out who I was sober and what is truly important to me. I have been clean for 17 years have two beautiful daughters. Options for recovery saved my life .